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required clothing:

Lightweight cottons and linens during summer, with warmer clothes for winter and cooler evenings.

In the eastern Mediterranean a wind blows out from Libya and Egypt, known as the Khamsin. This is a wind that is hated by the people living there and indeed in the centuries passed was dreaded as a killer.

During the period February to June depressions can move eastwards along the southern parts of the Mediterranean, or along the North African coast. These can trigger the onset of the Khamsin wind.

Ahead of these low pressure areas the wind blows from the south or southeast off the hot Saharan desert. The temperature can be in excess of 40°C, 104°F, and to make things worse the humidity is very low. So as this wind blows across Libya, Egypt and as far east as Saudi Arabia, it desiccates or dries up everything in its path

Egypt - Weather:


Hot, dry summers with mild, dry winters and cold nights. Rainfall is negligible except on the coast. In April, the hot, dusty Khamsin wind blows from the Sahara.