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Middle East, North Africa.

1,002,000 sq km (386,874 sq miles).

74.9 million (UN, 2005).

Population Density
74.8 per sq km.

Cairo (El Qahira).
Population: 16.7 million (2005 estimate).



Arabic is the official language. English and French are widely spoken.


GMT + 2 (GMT + 3 from last Friday in April to last Thursday in September).

Most areas 220 volts AC, 50Hz. Certain rural parts still use 110 to 380 volts AC.

Head of Government
Ahmed Nazif since 2004.

Head of State
President Muhammad Hosni Mubarak since 1981

Egypt - country info:



According to the 1986 census, over 94% of the population follows Islam; the majority of the rest is Christian. All types of Christianity are represented, especially the Coptic Christian Church. There is also a small Jewish minority.



The Egyptian press is one of the most influential and widely-read in the region, while Egyptian TV and film industry supplies much of the Arab-speaking world with shows from its Media Production City, an enterprise launched with a view to creating the "Hollywood of the East".
Press laws which allow prison sentences for libel and "insults" and an ongoing state of emergency have encouraged self-censorship on sensitive issues. Egypt has two state-run national TV channels and six regional channels. It is a key player in satellite TV; the Egyptian Space Channels are widely watched across the Arab-speaking world. The channels enjoy the support of the country’s huge program-making industry and have access to a large archive of Egyptian films and TV programs.
Egypt was the first Arab nation to have its own satellite, Nilesat 101. The country’s first private TV stations came on air in 2001, broadcasting via satellite. The state monopoly on radio broadcasting was broken with the arrival of private, commercial music stations in 2003.

more info:

Country code: 20.

The postal system is efficient for international mail. Airmail takes about five days to western Europe, and eight to 10 days to the USA.

The most influential Egyptian daily is Al-Ahram, the oldest newspaper in the Arab world; others include Al-Akhbar and several weekly and periodical publications. Al-Ahahi and Al-Wafd are opposition publications. The Middle East Observer is the main weekly English-language business paper. Al-Ahram Weekly is also published in English.

Egypt Radio Television Union (ERTU) operates eight national networks and external services Radio Cairo and Voice of the Arabs.
Nile FM and Nogoum FM are private stations. Nile FM broadcasts Western pop while Nogoum FM broadcasts Arabic pop.