A journey back in time: 10-day horse-riding tour to Wadi Rum

Riding on horseback will take you back to ancient times. To the era when salesmen and knights followed the Nabatean spice routes to their next post. Times when your wellbeing and survival depended on the wellbeing of your mount. In the desert of Wadi Rum the Bedouin people still live as they have been doing for centuries. They still wander through the desert looking for the best places to herd their sheep and goats, carrying their black tents with them wherever they go. We invite you to come along with us on a journey back in time. Apart from a six day horse-ride in Wadi Rum, you will also visit the rose-red city of Petra and other highlights of the Jordanian culture and history. We expect you to be an experienced horseman, used to riding outdoors. The horses are mainly full-bred Arabic horses. The tour will be guided by expert Bedouin guides, who are familiar with the treks since childhood. We will cover approximately thirty to thirty five kilometres daily, depending on the territory. Jordan Beauty will provide all camping equipment and full board during camping days, as well as first aid and health care when needed. And of course the horses are well taken care of; a veterinarian will come along with the group.


Day 1  Flight to Amman and transfer to your hotel, where you will enjoy your dinner and stay overnight.


Day 2  In the morning you will visit the Islamic castle of Ajloun. Towering above the green forested hills the castle can be seen from miles away. Built by Saladin in 1184, it served as a military look-out until the fifteenth century. It’s one of the best preserved examples of medieval Arab-Islamic military architecture.  You will be taken by bus to Madaba, the city of mosaics. In the church of Saint George you will find the mosaic map of Jerusalem and the Holy Land, which was found in 1884 when the church was rebuilt. The journey will continue to Mount Nebo, to the place from where Moses first set eye on the Holy Land. You will also visit the Moses Memorial Church, which according to many scientists was built on top of Moses’ tomb. Its floor and walls are decorated with beautiful mosaics.

At the end of the day you will be transferred to the campsite in Wadi Rum.


Day 3 - 8  Our Bedouin guides will lead your way across the vast and empty desert of Wadi Rum. You will be riding from campsite to campsite, enjoying different areas in the desert.

The first day will take you to Umm Salab mountain, near the northern end of Wadi Rum. The next day you will see the famous inscriptions, made by the Thamudic and Nabatean people centuries ago. You will camp near Jabal Burdah where you can climb one of the famous rock bridges, sculpted into the sandstone rock by the wind and rain. On the third day the tour will continue to the far south of Wadi Rum, to Jordan’s highest mountain Jabal Umm Adaami (1830 meters). From the top of the mountain you can see as far as Saudi Arabia. On the fourth and fifth day the tour will continue to Al Ghuroub and to the sandy area of Al Ramel, where you can contemplate the silence, sitting on top of  the sky-high sand dunes. On the last day you will ride back to the entrance of Wadi Rum, to the seven pillars of wisdom, from which the world-famous book of Lawrence of Arabia derives its title. Our bus will transfer you to Petra, where you will stay overnight.


Day 9  In the morning a local guide will escort you into Petra and show you the highlights of the Nabatean city. You will enter the city through the Siq, the narrow gorge and be rewarded with the most astonishing and dramatic monument in Jordan: the Treasury. You will visit the theatre, the tombs and façades and the colonnaded street. In the afternoon there will be ample opportunity to explore Petra on your own. Perhaps you would like to climb the stairs to the Monastery or to the High Place of Sacrifice where you can see the obelisks believed to represent Dushara and Al ‘Uzza, the most important Nabatean gods. In the evening you will be transferred to Amman, to enjoy your last night in Jordan.


Day 10  You will be transferred to the airport and fly back home.

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