Bedouin wedding

(Marry in Bedouin traditions in the landscape of Petra with Nomads)

Here at Desert Paramours Tours we are offering you the chance to get  married the traditional Bedouin way in the beautiful desert of Jordan.
For Bedouin the wedding doesn't just represent the coming together of a bride and groom but represents the joining of two families, and weddings are a festive occasion in which entire communities gather to celebrate the union. Traditionally, Bedouin weddings go for three days and involve three celebrations, two at the house of the groom, one  which is public and dominated by men, and one which is private and dominated by women; the third celebration which starts at the house of the bride lasts for two days until it moves to the groom's home on the third day.
The wedding starts off on the first day quietly with people coming from all around to pay their respects to the bride and groom in their  respective locations and involves ceremoniously drinking traditional  Bedouin coffee. On the second day the party continues as more and more  people come to join the celebrations. It is usually on the second day  of the wedding that the party reaches its most festive level with  singing and dancing lasting throughout the night and into the early  morning. On the third day the most important part of the wedding  occurs where the grooms party form a procession and travel to the  brides house, continuing the celebrations as they go singing on their  way. Once they reach the home of the bride she is brought out of the  house and travels, traditionally on a camel, to the house of her  husband. The third day culminates, at around sunset, with a feast  shared by all the guests after which the newly-weds are left in peace  and quiet.
Desert Paramours Tours can provide you with all of the things you  need for your very own Bedouin Wedding from the traditional Bedouin goat hair tents, to the traditional Bedouin coffee prepared in the  fire in brass coffee pots. And all other arrangements



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