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departure tax:


JD5 for foreigners and JD8 for Jordanian nationals.

Getting There by Rail

The Hejaz Railway , operates twice a week on the old Ottoman track between Amman and Damascus (Syrian Arab Republic). It uses ancient rolling stock and takes about 9 hours. It is really only worth making the journey for the experience. The journey by car takes about half the time.

Getting There by Road

There are roads into the Syrian Arab Republic via Ramtha or Jaber. The route to/from the Syrian Arab Republic to Western Europe is through Turkey. Driving time from Amman to Damascus is 4 hours. From Egypt, there is a ferry connection from Nuweiba to Aqaba, with bus connections from Cairo (visa should be obtained in advance). Multiple-entry visas may be needed.
















jordan - travel tips:


Social Conventions

Handshaking is the customary form of greeting. Jordanians are proud of their Arab culture, and hospitality here is a matter of great importance. Visitors are made to feel very welcome and Jordanians are happy to act as hosts and guides, and are keen to inform tourists about their traditions and culture. Islam always plays an important role in society and it is essential that Muslim beliefs are respected. Arabic coffee will normally be served continuously during social occasions. To signal that no more is wanted, slightly tilt the cup when handing it back, otherwise it will be refilled. A small gift is quite acceptable in return for hospitality. Women are expected to dress modestly and beachwear must only be worn at the beach or poolside. Photography: It is polite to ask permission to take photographs of people and livestock; in some places photography is forbidden.

International Travel:

Getting There by Air

The national airline is Royal Jordanian Airlines (RJ)

Departure Tax

None - included in ticket. Jordanian nationals need to pay JD20 on international departures.

Main Airports
Queen Alia International (AMM)

Is 35km (22 miles) southeast of the capital. To/from the airport: The airport is connected by a good highway (journey time - 40 minutes). Our cars/busses are available 24 hours to Amman (journey time - 50 minutes). Facilities: Duty-free shops, ATMs, bank/bureau de change, eating and shopping facilities and car hire.

Getting There by Water

The only port is Aqaba (website:, which is on some cruise itineraries. There is a daily car and passenger ferry from Nuweiba, Egypt to Aqaba and also a high-speed hydrofoil service.


The following goods may be imported into Jordan by people 18 years of age and older without incurring customs duty:
200 cigarettes or 25 cigars or 200g of tobacco (a charge of JD3.75 for each additional 200 cigarettes, up to a maximum of 2,000); 1l of alcohol (a charge of JD2.91 for each additional liter, up to a maximum of 4l); one or two opened bottles of perfume and a reasonable amount of eau-de-cologne or lotion in opened bottles for personal use only; gifts up to the value of JD50 or the equivalent of US$150.

Prohibited Imports


Restricted Items

Firearms, sporting guns and other weapons require prior approval from both country of origin and destination. They may be carried as checked baggage only.