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One of the best destinations is Wadi Rum, a vast area of dry riverbeds, mountains, black hills and sand dunes, located some 50km (30 miles) northeast of Aqaba, and a location for the film Lawrence of Arabia. Camel treks and jeep trips into the desert are also available, as are hot-air balloon trips over Wadi Rum’s Valley of the Moon.
Limited hiking equipment and supplies can be rented in the village of Rum; the nearest town is Quweirah.


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The coast south of Aqaba, on the shores of the Gulf of Aqaba, is teeming with tropical fish and coral and is renowned for its excellent year-round diving and snorkeling. The coral reefs are often very close to shore and the water temperature rarely falls below 20°C (68°F). There are several dive centers at Aqaba offering PADI courses, equipment rental and boat tours. It is forbidden to remove coral or shells, or to use harpoon guns and fishing spears. Aqaba’s beaches, notably the Aquamarine or Holiday Beach, offer good swimming. Dolphin-, shark- and whale-watching trips can also be arranged.


There are 10 designated wildlife reserves in Jordan, the best being the Azraq Wetland Wildlife Reserve (whose oasis is home to over 300 species of birds), and the Shaumari Wildlife Reserve. Both can be visited on day trips from Amman. Animals that can be seen include hyenas, red wolves, jerboas, gazelles, ostriches and Arabian oryxes.