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wadi rum:


Wadi Rum is a Bedouin settlement in a valley with giant 2,000-foot desert cliffs, ancient valleys and towering weathered sandstone mountains that rise out of the white and pink colored sands. Stunning in its natural beauty, Wadi Rum, epitomizes the romance of the desert. Tucked away, remote and splendid in both landscape and culture.


Not being a sand dune style of desert, Wadi Rum has intriguing hills and rock formations known as"jebels" that reach a height of about 1,700 metres. Thousands of years ago, this area was part of the silk and spice route between China and Arabia. Here is an unspoiled natural beauty forged by millions of years of geological formation, erosion and evolution. The word "Wadi" means valley, and Rum a settlement, the home of several semi-nomadic Bedouin tribes of about 20 Bedouin families that have inhabited the area for generations.











jordan - Trekking in wadi rum 2 days



The Vast, Silent and Colorful Desert of Jordan:

Wadi Rum is famous for three things: its spectacular desert scenery, the Bedouin tribe that inhabit the area, and as a site of the exploits of the legendary Lawrence of Arabia, whose footsteps you can trace. explore a warm, beautiful place

Day 1:

"Salam alikum, Greetings and welcome to Jordan," by this words we welcome you to Jordan, meets and greets at airport, border or at port, then we continue to the magical, majestic Wadi Rum - a vast, silent landscape of ancient riverbeds and pastel-colored stretches of sandy desert. From here we will starts with our Beoduin guides and our camels to trek in the desert.

Ride on the camel: While the camel is laying down, spread your legs wider than you'd thought was possible. Without warning, lurch forward toward the ground, then rose several feet into the air as your full-grown camels stood up, snorting their oversized nostrils and batting their beautiful long eyelashes. The imposing colors of Wadi-Rum will be facing you. As you watch the fiery red sun go down over the horizon, the sky turned successive shades of pink, apricot, orange, and purple.

Today we trek on our camels from Siq Abu Awad escorting via Wadi Umm Eshreen passing an amazing colorful cliffs and trekking on the sand dunes, At the end of Wadi we will have our picnic lunch, and two hours in shaded soft sand our tour guide will give you a brief descriptions about the area and its people, late afternoon we have our camels again and continue to Jebel Khuttar where we have our Bedouin tents to camp.

Day 2:

A hot cup of Bedouin tea will be made by the Beoduins stuff at our tent, and breakfast, before sunrise we will walk a few meters to set on top of it and watch the wonderful sunrise above Jebel Rum and Umm Sabata, we will have a short break and then ride our camels to trek to Rum village for three hours, there your car will be waiting you to transfer you to Petra, Aqaba or to Amman.


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