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Group Size 08-16 Pax


08 - 10 Pax:    $199 US per person

11 - 16 Pax:    $169 US per person

Please e-mail if interested in hearing more about this ride, or else creating an itinerary to suit your requirements.

Price Includes:

- Bicycles

- Jeep or 4WD to accompany cyclists

- Entrance Fee to Wadi Rum

- Lunches for two days

- Accommodation in Bedouin tents at fully-equipped campsite (bedding, restaurant, bar, WC, showers etc)

- Tour Guide

- Soft Drinks

- Permissions

Price does NOT include:

- Travel Insurance

- Tips

- Additional Personal Expenses

- Any other item not mentioned in itinerary

Suggested equipment for cyclists (to be provided by the rider):

  • Head protection from the sun
  • Sunglasses (UV protective)
  • Fleece or light windproof jacket
  • Sandals for camp

Suggested supplies for riders (to be provided by the rider):

  • Water bottle (2 litres recommended)
  • Helmet (highly recommended)

Desert Paramours take payment through $US (US Dollars), CAD (Canadian Dollars) or EURO and will also accept Mastercard, Visa Cards or Travellers Cheques.

If you would like further details about this tour, or any other tour carried at then do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail at or else telephone 00962 777 282 730


jordan - daily cycling from petra to wadi rum::


Petra - Rajif Mountains - Bedouin Villages - Wadi Rum

On this trip we cycle from the rose-red city of Petra, through the amazing landscape of the Rajif Mountains, down the Kings' Way, passing through Bedouin Villages to arrive at Wadi Rum.

You will have the opportunity to ‘get up close and personal’ with Jordan’s natural beauty and to sample true Bedouin hospitality as you eat local food and sleep in a traditional desert tent.

The terrain varies from flat desert to some short climbs between wadi. This is a reasonably long day of cycling so a reasonably high-level of personal fitness is required. This is particularly the case during the warm summer months in Jordan, when any physical exertion is particularly tiring.


Day 1: Petra - Rajif Mountains - Bedouin Villages - Wadi Rum

We cycle out of Petra along the extremely scenic Kings Highway passing through the Rajif Mountains and a number of Bedouin villages, in one of which we will take our lunch. After approximately 40km we will turn on to the Desert Highway and continue along this road until the turn off for Wadi Rum. 

We cross two Bedouin villages and the old Hijazi railway to arrive at the Desi desert. We will cycle on the hard flat desert sands opposite Desi Springs to a sunset viewing area which offers spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and dunes.

After we have enjoyed the sunset we go to our campsite which provides comfortable respite from our cycling exertions. Our site offers a welcoming combination of traditional Bedouin food and hospitality and first rate camping facilities: modern comfortable beds and clean showers and toilets. For a larger group a full Bedouin BBQ and campfire party can provided

Overnight in Bedouin Campsite in Wadi Rum

Day 2: Wadi Rum

A delightful day experiencing the enchanting Wadi Rum area of Jordan. This valley possesses one of the world’s most colourful and unique landscapes of desert and mountain scenery. Rock carvings mark the passage of ancient tribes in pre-history. Thamudic inscriptions, burial mounds, ancient megaliths and ruined buildings abound and Nabataean rock carved stairways, dams and temples can still be found throughout the area. Local Bedouin tribes have now inhabited this area for a number of generations.

Limited exploration is possible by bicycle. However, we would recommend a half-day Jeep Safari to really get to see the highlights of this very special region including natural rock bridges and incredible rock sculptures. Another extremely worthwhile option is to walk (or camel trek) through the dramatic white and pink sands of the Siq Al Barrah.