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Dana natural reserve


Wadi Dana




Fonon copper mines


Wadi Araba


Wadi Barwas


Ras Feid





* We can do this tour from different trail for three days, 2 nights, please contact us for further information

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Professional tour guide

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 All meals

 Camping equipments

 Jeep accompany

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About this route: Has been made by bedouin Shepard and hunters as well the local Bedouin who still use most of the trails as they migrate between summer and winter pastures. The days long

trains of laden camels and large flocks of sheep and goats are however all but past, as nowadays most of the Bedouin use their Toyota trucks to move their belongings from place to place. Nonetheless the route we have developed that weaves between Jordan’s highest peaks on the great rift valley escarpment picks up the trails that in days gone by carried a lot of four legged traffic! The trek elevation varied from 300m at Fienan to almost 1100m at the top of Petra.















jordan - trekking from dana natural reserve to petra:




This is a totally new and inspirational trip to the wilds of Jordan! After we been shepared in this wonderfull landscape  for many years we have decided to expand our programme here and explore some lesser known areas on a challenging but stimulating itinerary that should appeal to all those who have previously travelled here and also for those looking for something a little different. The emphasis here is on discovery,

walking for four days along the innovative new trail from Dana Nature Reserve to Petra – a route which has the potential in a few years to become as famous as the Inca Trail to Macchu Pichu in Peru.

Day by day tour itinerary

Day 1: We will start from Dana Village, short visit to Dana Spring, and via old olive trees in Dana we cross down in Wadi Dana via made-trail by desert paramours travel, and we hike down to the hole of Wadi Dana, there will have break after three hours of easy hike, under a tree 2000 Years old, and we will have cup of tea which made by the tour guide, after half of break will continue easy hike via Bedouin trail to Qussaib Spring, there you can wash, and then continue to more couple hours hiking near Atta’the Spring, there will have Lunch break and cup of Bedouin tea, and we will continue to the end of the great Valley of Dana Natural Reserve, ending at Edge, a beautiful hotel that made from mud, we will cross the beginning of Wadi Araba desert, there Bedouin family will be waiting to welcome you at their Bedouin tents, and will have Bedouin tradition dinner, and the tour guide will tell you the story of the Bedouin tribe over there, as well as more about the Bedouin history. Dinner and overnight at the Bedouin tent with that family.

Total trekking (7 Hours)

Day 2: (5 hours / 16km) Trek along the bottom of Wadi Araba which is generally flat, quite easy but rocky terrain. A little way out of Fienan you pass both Byzantine and Nabatean ruins, some of which have been partially reconstructed. You walk along the ‘bajada’ with black magmatic mountains to the left and desert dunes to the right. You will camp near a dry canyon and in the afternoon will be able to explore 'up-river' if there is time.

Bedouin style Camp, Wadi Barwas. BLD

Day 3: (6 hours / 9km) Today you climb up away from the Wadi floor, and ascend into the mountains. Initially the route is indistinct and crosses some rough terrain until a more distinct Bedouin trail is reached. The trail takes you over two passes, following up a delightful juniper-filled valley on the way to the second pass. From the second pass the scenery is spectacular sandstone and black magmatic mountains, and you can see the next day's trail as it snakes its way across the mountainsides in the distance. The trail descends to the green valley below, and a short walk up river takes you the campsite for tonight, set up beside the flowing river.

Bedouin style Camp, Ras El Fied. BLD

Day 4:  (9 hours / 15km) A long but rewarding day - the 'crux' of the trek through this seldom visited wilderness of Jordan. After retracing your steps for a short while, the trail cuts up into the mountains again, passing the ruins of an Edomite village from where the views back down to Wadi Araba are spectacular. As the trail contours across the mountain side, it ascends to small cols and descends to dry wadis, with exciting new views appearing as each corner is turned. In the remoter middle section the trail is less distinct and one may at times feel more like a mountain goat than a trekker! Keep an eye out for the elusive Ibex near the spring at Hudus, before ascending gently to the final col and camp for the night.

Bedouin style Camp, Ishkart Msaid. BLD