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  Live with Nomads

Join the tribe of intrepid Nomads and go your own way, live with culture and traditions, feel the taught life with them, test their food, sleep on their mattresses on desert sand, and their goats-hair tents, join their nights, share with them their tea and herbal drinks ...

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Live with Bedouin in eastern Jordan on your own with Bedouin families with or without translator.

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live with nomads:


Bedouins are often stereotyped as constantly wandering the desert in search of water and food for their flocks. This is only partly true. Only a small portion of Bedouin can still be regarded as true nomads, while many have settled down to cultivate crops rather than drive their animals across the desert. Most Bedouin have combined the two lifestyles to some degree.



Walks with nomads

When thinking of Jordan, many of us associate it mainly with desert sands and the rose-red city of Petra. However Jordan has a lot more to offer. It abounds in natural beauty. There are a lot of places in Jordan where you can still merge with nature and have a true wilderness experience.......