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The Marathon Route

The route starts from out of Petra and goes uphill for almost 10 kilometers before reaching the main sites of Petra from the north side on hilly terrain, but with tarmac surface.

The first approximately 7,5 kilometers the route turns in to gravel and dirt surface with loose rocks and soft sand. The route then head in to a river bed gorge “Siq Al Bard” leading out to Little Petra.

Shortly before the 15 kilometer mark turns left at a Bedouin school. passing incredible rock formation in an area that only few tourists visit.

When passing the 30 kilometer mark the route goes uphill to a mountain ridge for the next 5 kilometers, but the strenuous efforts are rewarded with an astonishing view over most of the marathon route, the mountains covering Petra and on clear days even Israel can be seen. On this mountain ridge the surface again becomes gravel for about 3 kilometers.

The final 5 kilometers are steep downhill running towards the finish line located at the Petra Visitors Centre. The final kilometer flattens out and makes it possible to gather the remaining energy for a sprint across the finish line where you will receive your medal for a race well done.

Kilometer signs can be found along the entire route. Owing to the conditions, however, they may be placed +/- some meters from the exact point. The kilometer signs are therefore only for orientation. Note that there won’t be any toilets along the course, which means that there are toilets everywhere!

From the finishing line in front of the astonishing sight of the Treasury the route quickly turns in to the ancient city of Petra and shortly after the start you find yourself surrounded with tombs, caves and monasteries carved out in the mountainsides.

Cut off time
All runners have 7 hours to complete the race. Runners still on the route after the cut off time will be swept up by a race official or medical car and driven back to the finish at the Visitors Centre. 5 hours after the start, however, the route closes at the 30 kilometer mark (13 km mark for the ultra half marathon) meaning that runners who haven’t passed this point at 12:30 will not be allowed to finish the race.

Water stations
Water stations are situated along the route. At selected stations energy drink and/or bananas and date are also provided. 

Personal supplies
It is possible to have personal supplies delivered at selected water stations. The personal supplies can be food, drink, sunscreen, extra clothes and shoes or other personal necessities. Personal supplies must be handed over to the race officials in the morning before the race start.

Race Officials
English speaking race officials are in charge of setting up the route as well as controlling the logistics on race day. They will be patrolling the route and guiding on the most crucial places on the course. Assisting guides will also be placed on the route to show directions. The race officials have full rights to change any detail of the race if necessary. All decisions made by the race official team are final and not up for discussion!

Medical Team
A team of specialized medical doctors will supervise the marathon and assist in case of injury or exhaustion. The medical team have undisputed authority to exclude runners who, according to the doctors’ judgment, should not continue running if it involves a serious health risk to the runner. The medical team will be patrolling the route as well as being situated in the finish area and on strategic points of the route.

Runners who wish to drop out of the marathon should go to the nearest drink station and wait for a car from the medical team or race official team. If it is not practical to go to a drink station simply wait in the side of the road. We encourage all participants to look out for each other and report to the officials or medical team if you see an injured runner on the route. All decisions made by the medical team are final and not up for discussion!

Facilities at the finish
The medal is given immediately after the finish line has been crossed. A medical tent is set up at the finish to check all runners passing the finish line. Water and a sandwich lunch pack are given to all participants. Personal supplies, extra clothes and other personal necessities can be picked up at the luggage bag area. Shuttle busses leave the finish area every hour to bring runners back to their hotel.

Distance: 42 KM & 186 M

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