Desert Paramours Trek and Travel
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Specialized in:  Hikes, Treks, Jeep Safari, Horseback, Camel Trek, Climbs, Canoe, Camping, Classical Tours, Holy Land tours, Live With Nomads, Cultural Tours, Painting and photograph tours in:  Jordan, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Libya, Morocco, Oman and Iran


Who we are?

Desert paramours travel consists of a team of 11 Bedouin brothers. Each one is driven by a love of nature and a passion for deserts. The company enjoys a high profile and excellent reputation.

We do things informally, differently, and with total dedication. To us you are not just a tourist but an honoured guest and a new found friend. Our welcome to friends from other countries is as old as human travel itself. We want you to meet people and to make new friends. And when you leave, to take a piece of Jordan with you in your heart.

We are Bedouins of Petra.  We were born in a Bedouin tent on the mountain heights above we were a boys our family would often take our rest and relaxation in the caves of the ancient city of Petra .  Petra was our playground as a children and our paramours place. We used to walk almost ten miles to school, and living in this openness made our minds open and our dreams infinite.  When we finished our higher education we decided to become a travel agent, a job we had wanted to do all our life.

our team:

Ayman Hasanat

General manager, contact

Yousef Hasanat

Sales department manager

Ali Hasanat , Classical tours Department manager

Khalid Hasanat

Financial manager

Atef Hasanat

Adventure tours department

Osama Hasanat

Hotels accommodation department

Andy Leather

UK correspondence

Mrs. Maria

EU correspondance

Mohammed Hasanat

Transportations Cheif

Waleed Hasanat

Jeeps department manager

Mousa Hasanat