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national specialties:

• Foul (bean dishes).
• Stuffed vine leaves.
• Roast pigeon.
• Grilled aborigines.
• Kebabs.
Humus (chickpeas).


Kahwa (thick, strong coffee).
Shay bil na'na' (mint tea).
Karkaday (clear, bright red drink made from hibiscus flowers).
Aswanli (dark beer made in Aswan).
Zibib (alcoholic aniseed-flavored drink).


Egypt food and dining:


Egyptian cuisine is excellent, combining many of the best traditions of Middle Eastern cooking, and there are both large hotel restaurants and smaller specialist ones throughout the main towns. Some of the larger hotels in Cairo and its environs have kitchens serving top quality cosmopolitan dishes. In the center of Cairo, American-style snack bars are also spreading. Restaurants have waiter service. Although Egypt is a Muslim country, alcohol is available in cafe-style bars and good restaurants. The legal drinking age is 21.




10 to 12 percent is added to hotel and restaurant bills but an extra tip of 5 per cent is normal. Taxi drivers generally expect 10 per cent.


Sophisticated nightclubs, discos, casinos and good restaurants can be found in Cairo, Alexandria and most large towns. The nightlife in Luxor and Aswan often includes barbecues along the Nile