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Horse ride from Petra to Dana natural reserve:

Your favorite ride (four days from Petra to Dana natural reserve .

By creating the only Jordanian, Bedouin horse-riding company, Desert Paramours Travel and tours aims to fulfill your dreams and more, letting you experience the wonderful land of Jordan in a truly authentic and magical manner. Our company combines both experience and professionalism in all kinds of adventure tours with a deep love of horses and the natural environment of our beautiful country. Under the direction of our skilled and enthusiastic staff you will discover this country yourselves, following the best itineraries in complete safety whilst making real contacts with the local people; off the beaten track and away from any tourist artifice.

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Its commercial importance peaked during the Nabatean area, when gold silks and perfumes were carried along the same paths we will be treading. Our trek starts from their capital, Petra a symbol to their success and wealth remains one of the wonders of the world and finishes in wadi rum , scene of the Arab uprising in the 1920's championed by Lawrence of Arabia.


Have you ever dreamed of galloping through the unspoiled valleys of the biblical land of Jordan? Of experiencing the mystical, dream-like landscape of Lawrence's Arabia from the back of an Arab steed? Of riding through the canyons and gorges traveled by the Bedouins over the centuries and sleeping under the star-filled desert sky?

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As we make our way south we cannot but wonder and admire the advanced technology used by this extraordinary trading nation to trap and carry the little rain that falls in this arid desert. A trek you are unlikely ever to repeat or forget.


A journey back in time: 10-days horse-riding tour to Wadi Rum:-

Riding on horseback will take you back to ancient times. To the era when salesmen and knights followed the Nabatean spice routes to their next post.